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Let’s Get Radical, Radical! (Rocket League Summer Update)

     Psyonix is taking us back to the 80s with their new Rocket League Summer event that goes live June 10th. Rocket League will pay homage to cultural giants of the 80s such as Ghostbusters and Knight Rider with this new update with new cars, limited time game modes, and of course a new event-specific currency: “Cassettes” (If you’re too young to understand what cassettes are, cassettes are the precursor to CDs... if you’re too young to understand what CDs are, they’re the precursor to iPods... If you’re too young to remember iPods... holy hell we live in the future— all these things play music).      Golden eggs are making a return and will functions as they always have while the available rewards will change every three weeks. The event will last nine weeks and will be broken up into three phases, each with a different 80s theme: “Blockbusters, Culture, and Television”. The Golden Eggs will feature items from “Elevation, Victory, Turbo, and Nitro Crates” while the cassette currency can net you new items which will change depending on which phase of the event is active.      I’m most intrigued by the addition of limited-time game modes. There will be one for each of the three phases: Ghost Hunt, Spike Rush, and Beach Ball respectively. Ghost Hunt is described on Rocket League’s website as “a 3v3 mode where each team uses their proton stream power-ups to try to trap the ghostly ball in your opponents' Containment Zone” and will take place in a spooky version of Urban Central Arena. Spike Rush is another 3v3 mode wherein all players have the Rumble Mode Spike power-up that they can activate *and deactivate* which is sure to cause some craziness. Spike Rush will take place in the Throwback Stadium Arena for maximum madness. Lastly, the “Beach Ball Mode features 2v2 action with a larger ball, low ball gravity, and the Curveball mutator activated” and will take place (as if there were any question) in the Salty Shores Arena.      I really hope that Rocket League doesn’t start to resemble other popular games too much in that breadth of content is prioritized over quality and community feedback but I trust Psyonix and Epic Games, in spite of not being a big Fortnite fan, and I have to say these game modes seem like they could really be a hell of a lot of fun. You all have now read my thoughts, what’re yours regarding this year’s soon-to-be-live Summer event? Excited? Apprehensive? Let us know in the comments! 

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