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Season 1: Thoughts From Our Leading Apex Legends Streamer

Respawn Entertainment has released it's season 1 update and everyone is already off to the races, speeding through the battle pass stages. Wild Frontier is the title and I think it fits perfectly. Not only are we delving into a relatively new game but we are also seeing someone blaze an interesting path in this new frontier of battle royales. My first impression of this battle royale was “Oh no, Respawn has jumped on the band wagon. They have supers too? Well this will be disgusting.” But fortunately I was pleasantly surprised. The supers aren’t going to wipe an entire team, unless used in conjunction with your team and some well placed shots, and the developers have already been responsive with balancing the heroes. If there’s anything to keep me interested it’s responsive devs.

The battle pass seems fresh and new without any hoops to jump through (I’m looking at you Fortnite) or items to collect. Just jump in with a group of friends, or alone if you're brave, and play. You have a chance at conventional F2P loot and also some extra goodies if you’re willing to spring for the battle pass (priced about average for the market it seems) which include enough in-game currency to buy the next pass and some guaranteed legendaries.

Octane's release was a wonderful experience for me and friends who enjoy landing at or near market. I came running out after looting the place and was launched into the air. After returning to investigate and debating with my friends, trying to determine if this was a new phenomenon, we moved on and continued throughout the game. A week, give or take, passed and I received information that the new character had been released-- super in tow, the launchpad. It was a small but enjoyable detail that has me now ever-vigilant for more foreshadowing to new releases, which hopefully won’t come too soon.

Octane seems fun enough to play, even if his run annoys me. His small frame, speed, and awkward run make for an annoying target, but with a little practice he doesn’t seem too hard to pin down. Unfortunately I haven’t had quite enough time to play in the new season to have stronger feelings one way or another about the new character. Apex is fun to play and already has a massive player base. With relatable playable characters for most, and surely more to come, this game has already become a huge hit with crowds that often feel left out. A wild frontier, Apex Legends is blazing a path for battle royales and video games everywhere. May your reign be long and your devs stay vigilant.

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