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Twitch Debuts "Squad Stream"

Twitch's new feature, Squad Stream, is now live-- and it seems pretty awesome. I'll say right away, unfortunately this feature is currently only available to Partners, but the implications for viewers and the future of content creation are still massive. Essentially up to four content creators can squad up and show all of their streams concurrently, on one screen for viewers. Imagine watching an intense PUBG or Apex Legends game and rather than watching one person, you can watch all of the team members at once, changing your focus at will. Imagine watching the DCD squad play something like Anthem and being able to support us while not having to watch me spend 20 minutes exploring or talking to NPCs but rather watching someone in combat or going through their gear, whichever stream appeals the most to you at the time.

This feature gives the viewer more agency while exposing more streamers to the community and allowing the viewership to share the love. Every streamer in the squad gets credit for the views across the squad and the viewer has total control on which stream is their primary focus or which chat they want to participate in. This type of viewer control will act, whether intentionally or not, as an experiment to see how viewer agency affects the spectating of video-games, with the potential to affect Esports and digital content creation massively.

For more information, check out this blog from Twitch themselves, written by Hubert Thieblot. The entry has an entire FAQ section and explains that Twitch has hopes to bring this feature to affiliates and then to everyone after optimization and tweaks make it possible; Thieblot goes into much more detail in the blog. Let us know what you think about Squad Stream in the comments!

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