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Rocket League: True Cross-Platform Arrives Feb. 19th

This is more of a concise news announcement than a substantial article but as you can tell from the title, with an update on February 19th Psyonix is finally giving us cross-platform parties so gamers can play Rocket League with their friends regardless of their gaming device. The friends list in the main menu of Rocket League will now feature multiple tabs, one of which will be a 'RocketID' tab that shows your friends on other platforms. Clubs will also function cross-platform so finally you can represent your club and get those hype-worthy club matches going across all Rocket League realms.

Dat Click Doe is particularly excited about this as DCD Plant and myself will be leaving the safety of doubles and venturing, once more unto the breach dear friends, unto threes with one of DCD's oldest pals on PC whom will be revealed when you tune into to our Monday and Wednesday streams after the 19th (if we aren't playing Anthem).

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