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Welcome to DatConvo

Welcome to DatConvo, where we, here at DCD, take a topic by the antlers, offer some commentary on the matter, and then open up the comment section for remarks and comments from our community with the hopes of cultivating fun, engaging, meaningful conversations. We want to hear from gamers of varying intensity, across all gaming platforms, and even individuals that don’t identify as gamers but have something to say or ask regarding the conversation. This is our take on community focused news. DCD will not try to be IGN or Polygon or any other major gaming news contributor, we will simply try to be ourselves, Dat Click Doe. Our entries will not be entirely objective; DatConvo will operate in the space between blogging and news reporting, but it will be made clear when we’re reporting facts and when we’re voicing our opinions. We invite you to offer your perspectives and comments, because we believe that gaming is for having a good time, bringing people together, and of course gaining experience— and we believe information can be shared without friendly fire. Opposing ideas are good and we need your input to accomplish our goal, because we can’t be DCD without you all, because ‘we,’ includes all of you.

Let us know what connects you to gaming in the comment section below and check out our Extra Life 24-hour stream Nov. 3rd and 4th to raise money for the kids at Duke Children's Hospital!

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