Welcome to DatConvo


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

Welcome to DatConvo, where we, here at DCD, take a topic by the antlers, offer some commentary on the matter, and then open up the comment section for remarks and comments from our community with the hopes of cultivating fun, engaging, meaningful conversations. We...

"And so, Our Story Begins..."


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

Our first official entry is immensely subjective and it'll probably remain one of the most so throughout DatConvo's existence. But, if we're going to talk about gaming, how it relates to the world, and how it's grown, I think it's imperative to first lay out how gaming relates to us at DCD and how we've grown because of it...

Quest Complete: DreamHack Atl.


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

Preliminary Report: After walking a few blocks to get food with Plant and getting a meal that would’ve cost twice as much at the same establishment inside the convention center, I sat just outside the entrance at a collection of starbucks-esque tables and chairs eating my food...

DH Showcase: Part I - Da Invincible


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

A chance encounter with some young game developers from the Netherlands (detailed, among other DreamHack adventures, in the previous article) introduced me to their awesome, full-of-fun, first person arena shooter Da Invincible, and also the showcase wherein I stumbled across...

DH Showcase: Part 2 - One Hand Clapping


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

Welcome to part two of our DreamHack student showcase break down where I have the privilege of talking about one of the wildest games I’ve experienced in a long time: One Hand Clapping, by Bad Dream Games...

TGAs: And The Winner is...


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

 And the winner is, Strong Single-Player Narratives.

As this celebratory holiday season comes to a close, I want to be sure to acknowledge the celebration of gaming achievement that was The Game Awards. Approximately a month ago, media outlets...

Week in Review: BUNGiE, Mad Box, & Cross-platform Rocket League


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

Three pretty significant things have happened in the past week and I'm here to tell you about them. To be fair, much more than three significant things have happened but here's the three I'm telling you about: Destiny  developer Bungie and publisher Activision have separated, Slightly Mad Studios' CEO Ian Bell announced a new...

AC Odyssey New DLC Betrays Players,

Creative Director Apologizes


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer


​Right out of the gate I have to say that Assassin’s Creed  probably has influenced my life more than any other video game franchise. That fact, combined with my immense...

Anthem Demo: Great Fun Despite Bugs


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

Anthem's VIP demo took place over the weekend and the DCD squad played through essentially all of the available content. If you've read anything between now and when it launched, you've probably seen more about the...

Apex Legends: Respawn's Stealthy Battle Royale Release


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

The creators of Titanfall,  Respawn Entertainment, released a free-to-play battle royale  on Monday with little to no promoting prior to the release. There were substantial rumors...

Rocket League: True Cross-Platform Arrives Feb. 19th


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

This is more of a concise news announcement than a substantial article but as you can tell from the title, with an update on February 19th Psyonix is finally giving us cross-platform parties...

Read Dead Online Beta & RDR2 Music Updates


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

To start off the Read Dead news, fans of RDR2's awesome music will be happy to know that Rockstar dropped a tweet announcing that The Music of Read Dead Redemption 2 is coming...

Big Week for Esports All-Around


By: R. Dalton (Fulchaos) Fulmer

To start off the Read Dead news, fans of RDR2's awesome music will be happy to know that Rockstar dropped a tweet announcing that The Music of Read Dead Redemption 2 is coming...

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