"It's all about Dat Click, Doe!"

Dat Click Doe is a community of gamers, across generations, cultures, and genres who share a common existence in the life of video games. Though not collectively a competitive group we do share in some competitions and attend competitive events. Our website is here for fellow gamers to learn about gaming, how it relates to today's growing interest, find new insights from other players, and embrace your love of the game. 

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I've been gaming ever since I can remember and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  As co-creator of the team, our mission is to form a vast gaming community across all platforms.  No matter what controller you use, "It's all about Dat Click, Doe!"


I'm a proud member of Dat Click Doe.  I stream frequently for DCD, but I'm at my best when I'm on a squad. Blue collar worker by day and dedicated gamer by night; I'm the streamer nobody wanted, but everybody needs.  My favorite genre is RPG but I enjoy most games.  Just remember, it's all about Dat Click Doe!

The dog of devros

From the first time I touched the Atari 2600, I have at no time been without some form of gaming apparatus.  That's right, apparatus, tool; the means to be in a million worlds while truly existing in one.  I have rescued governments, saved towns and villages, secured a safe future for many and brought peace to the galaxy.  I am what will always be: A GAMER!


Gaming has always been a part of my life-- sports games throughout childhood, then RPGs and FPSs, and now pretty much everything. I live for good stories and narrative design, and of course, achieving things with the squad. Whether you have played on consoles, PC, or handhelds; a million games, a single game, or you're just curious about gaming, we can all relate through gaming and just wanting to have a good time. No matter what's going on in your life, there's strength in the squad, and remember what it's all about: Dat Click Doe!

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