Dat Click Doe is an homage to our community of gaming that spans across generations, cultures, and genres.  Most gamers always ask: "why is there a Buck in your logo if it is called DatClickDOE?"  Well, I do a fair amount of streaming for charity purposes, thus the 'Buck' always chases the 'DOE' (Dough, money, etc).  I thought it to be a nice play on words.  Gamers share a common existence in the life of video games, collectively, whether as a competitive group, sharing in competitions or attending competitive events. The website exists for fellow gamers to share their experience in gaming, how it relates to today's growing interest, and finding new insights from other players to embrace the 'love of the game. '

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Gaming; first thought of as a form of entertainment that was quickly determined to be a 'waste of time'.  However, gamers are the 'everyday people'.  Gone are the days of believing that we all live in the basement of our parent's home, unsocial and reclusive.  No I am today's gamer!  I have been gaming since the late 70's, lead and continue to lead a full an productive life with the full support of family and friends.  I am social, globally and my motto is:  'I Game Therefore I Am!'  I celebrate gaming and I welcome those who join in the one thing I gain joy from.